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25 Dec 2014
Merry Christmas!!
Carly and Luke have been counting down the days, had their parties at school, and now the big day is finally here, Christmas! They were so happy to see what Santa had brought for them this morning and couldn't wait to open presents with everyone. Now it's time to enjoy the day with family, and all of the traditions that make Christmas one of the most magical holidays. They would like to wish all of you celebrating today a Merry Christmas and hope that everyone has had an amazing holiday season filled with lots of love and memories to last a lifetime.

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09 Dec 2014
Kipp Collection
Carly had an amazing time shooting for Kipp Collection recently! She got to model several different outfits, make new friends, and the whole day was a lot of fun. The shoot was at a home in Brooklyn and unlike anything she has ever seen before. There were so many rooms, and her friends had a great time exploring the place and working with the balcony, and climbing around while doing the group shots. One of the best parts for Carly was getting to work with a tiny little bird, who even sat on her head! She cannot wait to see the images from that, along with all of the ones used from that day when they release, and a thank-you goes out to Ethan and Gabby's families for some of the behind the scenes photos!

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04 Dec 2014
Star-Kidz Interview
Last month Carly took part in the annual November Q&A event at Star-Kidz! She got to answer questions about how she got started in the industry, various projects, and if you missed seeing the Q&A on their website, make sure to read it below:

Carly Paige is a young actress/model from the New York City area. She can currently be seen for Company Kids, LittleMissMatched, and her commercial for Lee Jeans is airing on TV! To keep up to date make sure to visit her official website, like her page on Facebook, and visit her manager's page too!

1. How did you get started in the industry?

My Mom submitted to an agency and they selected me!

2. What was your first booking? What was it like being on set for the first time?

Laura Ashley shoes. It was fun. Loved getting my hair and makeup done!!

3. How did you enjoy shooting for LittleMissMatched?

I loved LMM. The stylist was so fun to work with. This was one of my favorite shoots ever!

4. Do you have a favorite Hanna Andersson shoot that you've done?

They all were great!

5. What is the best part about working for H&M?

Being on location at a park in Brooklyn. Location shoots are fun.

6. How did you feel when you saw yourself on the cover of Parents Magazine?

Soo happy...I freaked out!!!

7. What was the experience like working for J.Crew?

Fun. I loved the photographer, and especially I loved shooting in the Bahamas.

8. What is the best part about shooting for Ruum?

Getting to work with Anna Palma, the photographer and all my model friends. I love their clothes!

9. Who have been some of your favorite people to work with?

Colette my manager. I know she works really hard for me. All my model friends and Mary Kate the photographer.

10. What has been your favorite project to work on so far?

Shooting for J.Crew in the Bahamas.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for interviewing me and the opportunity

(Image by MKG Photography)

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24 Nov 2014
Carly had a fabulous time working for LittleMissMatched a few months ago. She made new friends on set, and loved getting to model several different looks for their winter collection. The company has recently updated their website and released new photos of Carly! She can be spotted modeling a variety of bright and funky colored long sleeve shirts, as well some different hats. They even used a fun outtake as one of their images which it is always nice to see that side of shoots. Make sure to view the new photos in the gallery, and thank-you to the team at LittleMissMatched for a very fun photoshoot!

Posted by: Lisa

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