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11 Dec 2015
Kate Spade
Earlier this year Carly had one of the best times shooting for the one and only Kate Spade! She had such a great time modeling the different outfits, and was very excited when her images began surfacing online. She had several different shots used on the company's website, and was even seen on their social media accounts. She loved the different looks she could be seen in from playful with her paw print shirt to all fancy and ready for a fun occasion in the red coat and dress. The team at Kate Spade also know how to have some fun when shooting their latest collection as they had her wear high heels too big for her feet to go with her pink dress, so funny!

The company also released a behind the scenes video to go with their latest collection, and Carly can be seen throughout! From her photo taken for the hair and make up people to reference, to getting ready to go on set and also shooting one of her looks, there are some great moments captured on film. It is always nice to see what goes on behind the scenes of a shoot and make sure to view the video in the media section. Thank-you to everyone at Kate Spade for such a fabulous time on set!

Posted by: Lisa

24 Nov 2015
Molly Magnuson/Babiekins
Carly loves shooting with Molly Magnuson and recently did not one, but two shoots with her! Doing both in the same day she loved working with Molly and Alyssa Lorraine who did the hair and make up for the day. The first set was a creative project Molly put together, and dressed in sweaters, Carly and her friends had a great time posing for pictures incorporating balloons and mustaches! The second half of the shoot was for Babiekins and featured on their website. With her edgier look, Carly rocked her outfit, gold backpack, and check out her hair!

There was a lot of fun to be had behind the scenes of both photoshoots that day. Carly and her friend Alex were quick to pose for some photos with Molly, and Carly also enjoyed showing off her different looks and the props they got to use. It was very exciting for her to see herself on the Babiekins website a few weeks later, and we all love the images that came out of both shoots. Thank-you Molly and Alyssa for such a great time!

Posted by: Lisa

16 Nov 2015
Happy Birthday!
Today is a big day for Carly as it is her first official one as an eight year old! She is looking forward to all of the fun and celebration as she enjoys one of her favorite days of the year, her birthday! Happy Birthday Carly! I hope you have a fabulous time celebrating with family and friends, and enjoying all of the traditions the day brings. I hope that today is everything that you hoped it would be and more, so much to enjoy for your special day, and I'm sure you're going to enjoy every minute of it! Happy Birthday!

Posted by: Lisa

05 Oct 2015
Hooligans Magazine
Carly had a fantastic time shooting for Hooligans Magazine a couple of months ago and the issue is now out! She appears in Issue 3/September in a multiple page spread entitled "Vintage NYC" which takes a trip back in time to the simple days where kids played in the streets, and the different styles of the time. The images came out fabulously and Carly can be spotted in both solo and group images for the feature. With a thank-you to M'Kate Photography we also have the shoot images from the day, including some more fun shots of her doing jump rope with her friends and reading books on the doorstep together.

Behind the scenes, Carly had a wonderful time working with everyone who was on set. She was happy to have some of her friends doing the shoot with her, and made a few new ones as well. They had so much fun playing together that it was almost easy to forget there was a camera taking their picture as they used the jump rope. What a fun shoot and you can pick up your copy of the magazine here!

Posted by: Lisa

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